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Rebecca Shkeyrov December 30, 2020
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And the December Tutor of the Month is…

Izzy Huckabee! She went to TJHSST and is currently a sophomore at Arizona State University pursuing a BS in both astrophysics and physics. A talented scholar, Izzy is receiving full tuition from ASU’s Next Generation Service Corp which aims to create leaders championing cross-sector collaboration. 

We have been proud to have Izzy as part of the Acakid team for over a year now. We asked her some questions to get to know her better as a tutor: 

1. What are your strengths as a tutor?

While specific subject matter is definitely important, I also help my students with their organizational/study habits and stress management so that they’re able to stay on top of things and perform their best. 

2. How have you grown as a tutor over the years?

As I began delving deeper into my college experience, I began sharing a lot of the tips and tricks I learned with my students. I also gained a lot of mentors and I learned a lot about what makes a good mentor-mentee relationship which I applied to our tutoring sessions.

3. What do you work on with your students?

For the most part, I tutor students in math and physics but I also help my students improve their writing skills. The key to becoming a good writer is to not just practice writing, but to also read the work of others and understand why authors make the decisions they do. That’s why I am really big on reading and analyzing writing from a variety of genres. 

4. What are their goals?

The goals of my students are not just to understand the specific topics at hand, but to develop the skills to solve any problem sent their way. We focus a lot on the process of answering questions and metacognition – basically, what is the most efficient thought process and how can we be more aware of the way we think? 

5. When have you been extremely proud of your students?

I am always proud of my students’ tenacity, but the times that stand out most are when they tell me that they applied something they learned in our sessions to their schoolwork or even everyday life! 

6. What do you enjoy about working with Acakid?

I love being able to work one-on-one with my students and give them the platform to learn in the way that makes most sense to them – which isn’t always possible in the new online schooling environment.

7. What are your hobbies and passions outside of Acakid? 

I really enjoy working with my research group on modeling low mass stars and exoplanets, and I also enjoy playing volleyball! 

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