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Rebecca S. December 29, 2019

Announcing our very first Tutor of the Month!

Tutor of the month - December 2019

Each month, Acakid picks a standout individual to be the Tutor of the Month. We select this special tutor based on their experience, ratings, enthusiasm, creativity, and overall contributions to our team.

This month, we chose Jennifer Huang as our Tutor of the Month. She is an amazing tutor who has been helping her student make great strides in math and beyond! 

We asked Jennifer eight questions to get to know her better as a tutor: 

1. What university do you attend, and what do you study? 
I attend Rutgers University, and major in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Psychology.

2. How long have you been tutoring? 
I have been tutoring for almost three years now.

3. What are your strengths as a tutor? 
My strengths as a tutor lie in my ability to adapt to and cater towards each individual student. I have been tutoring long enough to know which methods will be most effective in communicating challenging concepts to students.

4. How have you grown as a tutor over the years? 
I think my patience has definitely grown a lot; it has made my perspective on what makes a good tutor change over the years. When I first began tutoring, I expected my students to single-handedly understand the topics that were being taught. However, over time, I began to realize that not everyone has the same strengths as I do, so I became more understanding and accommodating. There was this one time where one of my students just could not understand what was being taught no matter the method of teaching, and then I realized that if I were to be able to use an example that was meaningful to them, they would be able to better understand the concept; which was proven to be true. So, all in all, I’ve definitely grown in terms of being more considerate and compassionate. 

5. What do you work on with your student?
I work on solidifying her mathematical foundation while making sure that she is constantly learning new subjects. We review a lot, and I try my best to incorporate past concepts into as many problems as I can to ensure that she has a good grasp. 

6. What are her goals?
She knows what she wants to do career-wise, and she knows what she is interested in. She wants to become more confident in her mathematical abilities, which I think she definitely has.

7. When have you been extremely proud of your student? 
Everyone has their own battles, and I think my student is very mature for her age, and really knows what she wants in the future. She never gives up easily on any problems that she may have, and because she’s willing to see faults and understand, I think those attributes will take her far. She has been doing well in school, and is showing constant improvement!

8. What do you enjoy about working with Acakid? 
Like all tutoring centers, I really enjoy being able to help out students and see their progress. However, I really like how Acakid trusts its tutors to guide each student in their own way, and not follow a stringent curriculum. In my opinion, this works a lot better as not all minds think alike, and it also gives leeway for tutors and students to work together on moving forward.

We are very proud to present Jennifer as one of our outstanding tutors, and we can’t wait to introduce you to another member of our team next month.  

If you would like to work with tutors like Jennifer, please click here for a free trial lesson. Happy holidays from the Acakid team! 

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