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Rebecca S. June 11, 2019
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6 Ways To Beat Chemistry

How to begin enjoying Chemistry?

Chemistry is a brilliant subject; it helps us understand everything from the smallest atoms to our entire atmosphere. The tricky part about studying chemistry is defeating the mental block and initial resistance towards it. 

It’s like learning how to swim: if you were afraid of the water, you would desperately wave your arms and legs to try to swim. If you regarded the water with an open mind, you could easily float. This is the attitude you must adopt when studying chemistry!

Here are some tips on how to learn chemistry without fear or trepidation:

Take Small Steps. Chemistry is a subject which needs a devoted student. Fix your day by day quota for Chemistry reading in the beginning. Possibly start with simply 30 minutes every day, and then work your way up.

Focus on the fundamentals. Remember, Chemistry doesn’t require mugging up. Science depends on the understanding of the hidden standards and then applying that learning. If you don’t understand the basic ideas, do not depend on cramming up.

Visualize. To reinforce your memory and recalling power, try visualizing reactions and find logic in how things react. This activity will assist you with other similar reactions.

Don’t take short-cuts. Do not ever skip any clarifications. They might be long and not actually relevant to your examinations, but to truly gain an insight into chemistry and break that one wound question, you should be intensive and not leave any explanation.

Create a Study Group. Try to study in groups, the members who find some areas easier than others can share their techniques of learning with other members of the group.

Don’t cram. Like any subject, you need time to truly learn well. Create a study schedule so that you don’t end up learning everything the night before the test.

In short, study every day, even for small amounts. Chemistry concepts are very cumulative and interrelated. Once you have mastered the fundamentals, then you can proceed onto more complex topics. If there’s anything you don’t understand, get help from teachers, or from study buddies. 

If you want to receive individualized, intensive chemistry help, you can receive a free trial lesson from us by following this link: Acakid Chemistry Tutors. Our skilled tutors will help you go above and beyond in your subject! We want to see every student reach their full learning potential. 

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