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Initial and Final velocity of a moving object

Free Homework Help!PhysicsInitial and Final velocity of a moving object

Steven Dang
asked 9 months ago

Each croquet ball in a set has a mass of 0.54 kg. The green ball, traveling at 13.4 m/s, strikes the blue ball, which is at rest. Assuming that the balls slide on a frictionless surface and all collisions are head-on, find the final speed of the blue ball in each of the following situations: a) The green ball stops moving after it strikes the blue ball.

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Alexander Chioma Staff answered 9 months ago

Hello Steven! Thank you for the question. For this one we are talking about the momentum of the croquet balls initially and then finally. The momentum of an object is simply the mass in kg times the velocity in m/s. In this case it is an elastic collision so all kinetic energy is conserved. The mass of the balls are the same. Because the first ball stops, its kinetic energy has been fully transferred to the second ball. This means because the second ball has the same mass, its velocity will now be the same as the first ball was before the collision. 13.4 m/s

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