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Momentum when 2 moving objects collide

Free Homework Help!Category: PhysicsMomentum when 2 moving objects collide
Steven Dang Staff asked 7 months ago

1 Answers
Alexander Chioma Staff answered 7 months ago

Thanks for the question! For this one you’ll want to think about the total momentum for both the x and y components separately. The momentum will be conserved so taking the x components you will see
M1V1 = (M1+M2)Vcos(a)
For the y components you’ll get 
-M2V2 = -(M1+M2)Vsin(a)
(We use negatives because the mass is moving in the negative y direction)
Now using the Tangent rule we get 
tan(a) = M2V2/M1V1
So for your angle a
a = tan^-1(M2V2/M1V1)