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Rebecca S. January 27, 2020

And the January tutor of the month is…

Faith Rogers! We picked faith because she has made incredible contributions to Acakid, and helped so many students reach their goals through her friendly and professional teaching. An MIT graduate, she has 14 years of tutoring experience under her belt, half of which are with Acakid!

We asked Faith five questions to get to know her better as a tutor: 

1. What is your educational background?

I have a BS in Art and Design from MIT and an MS in Instructional Technology from NC A&T SU. Since 2006, I’ve tutored incoming MIT freshmen, K-12 students in various subjects and after-school programs, and college and graduate level students.  

2. What are your strengths as a tutor? 

Most of the SAT/ACT tutoring I do currently is through the Acakid Virtual Whiteboard.  As an online tutor, I feel my biggest strength is my ability to quickly research and find the best free online learning resources available on the internet.  Since every student learns differently, it’s important to have supplemental learning materials that address a student’s unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, sometimes the math review chapters in the Collegeboard SAT book include explanations that leave some students confused.  In those moments, I’m able to quickly research the topic and find additional example problems to help students build specific skills. Sometimes, students may need to hear an explanation multiple times, or see a variety of practice problems, before they truly retain a concept. It’s my job to provide these students with additional practice opportunities and videos or other online resources that explain the concept. 

3. What is your favorite subject to tutor, and why?  

I’ve had a variety of enriching tutoring experiences, but my favorite is SAT and ACT Test prep.  I enjoy tutoring for these standardized college-entrance exams for a few reasons. First, while every high school math or English class may be different, the SAT is the same for everyone.  The list of topics to be mastered is finite and definitive, so it’s easier to prepare for than a specific teacher’s final exam. Second, the SAT and ACT include topics from English, Math, History, and Science.  So, instead of choosing which of those subjects is my favorite to teach, I can say SAT and cover them all. Last, while there are specific facts and formulas students have to know, most of my job is teaching skill-building.  There are specific test taking skills and methods designed to work for the SAT that are also extremely useful in college. I love knowing that the skills I teach my test prep students will not only help them get into their dream college, but also help them stay successful.

4. What are the goals of your student(s) and how are you working on accomplishing them?

For each of my students, my main goal is to help them feel empowered and become more self-sufficient learners.  I show my students how to access online resources and encourage them to practice independently outside of our sessions.  

5. When have you been extremely proud of your student?

My proudest moments as a tutor are when students make “the transformation.”  It’s awesome when a student who starts off disengaged “transforms” and begins to take control of their learning and come to our sessions prepared with questions and goals.  That is my favorite part of being an Acakid Tutor. 

We are very proud to present Faith as one of our amazing tutors, and we can’t wait to introduce you to another member of our team next month.  

If you would like to work with tutors like Faith, please consider us. We look forward to seeing your student transform into a true scholar! 

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