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Rebecca Shkeyrov January 31, 2021
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The first Tutor of the Month of 2021!

It’s hard to believe that a month of 2021 has already gone by! We are very excited to start the New Year off with our January Tutor of the Month, Samiha Ahmed. Samiha is an honors student at GMU where she is majoring in marketing. She has been working with Acakid for over two years!

We asked Samiha some questions about herself and her teaching. See her answers below!

1. What are your strengths as a tutor?
As a tutor, I work well with students who struggle with math. I have been able to find multiple ways of teaching to see which way is most suitable for each individual. I can provide a very specialized experience catered to each student’s needs!

2. How have you grown as a tutor over the years?
I have definitely grown a lot as a tutor. With one of my first Acakid students, who struggled with concentration, I needed to have a whole new level of patience. Since then, I have seen various ways my methods have changed with each student I work with.

3. What do you work on with your students?
I mainly work on math, but I have also worked with students on English, history, and science.

4. What are your students’ goals?
Each students’ goals are different. For some, they are directly linked to raising grades, for others it’s comprehension, and or it could be about getting ahead/preparing. I do whatever I can to help them reach their individual goals. I make sure to dedicate adequate time and attention, taking their learning style into account when creating lesson plans and such. The work I put in ensures that my students feel attended to and supported.

5. When have you been extremely proud of your students?
I think there is a sense of pride anytime a student begins to grasp a concept, especially when they have been struggling with it. Contrary to common belief, there is no eureka moment. Students just need to keep trying again and again until they understand more and more each time. There is a good feeling that comes with a student answering a more complex math problem correctly when they’ve been struggling with it for a few sessions. I’ve had many of these moments over my years of tutoring with almost every student I have worked with.

6. What was a challenging moment you had with your student and how did you overcome it?
A challenging moment I had was with a young student who had trouble with people of authority. At that point, I knew that he just wanted to be treated like an equal, not looked down upon. I did my best to do so in my tone, manner, and behavior. While it did not make a significant difference, I think it was a learning moment for me, and I do believe I overcame it in the sense that I didn’t let it get to me. There will always be uncontrollable factors, so it is important to always keep your chin up.

7. What do you enjoy about working with Acakid?
I enjoy Acakid’s ease, accessibility, and dependability. I feel valued as a tutor and am able to have all new tutoring opportunities that I would not have otherwise.

8. What are your hobbies and passions outside of Acakid?
I enjoy reading, watching TV shows and movies, and trying new foods! I often do so with my family and friends.

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